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Finish or Frog in February

Overwhelmed with unfinished projects?

Let us help you whittle down the pile of projects that have been plaguing you.

We will be doing a little contest to help motivate you to finish some of those projects by the end of February.

Here's what you do...

  • These must be existing projects
  • Collect and count your projects
  • To sign up to participate, just email us at and let us know how many projects you have.  Be sure to put FFF in the subject line. 
  • Submit a photo along with the pattern, designer and yarn info to and put FFF in the subject line. 
  • We will keep a running tally of the items that you finish.
  • The person who finishes the most will win a prize!  There will also be a couple of booby prizes for the person with the most UFO’s and the person who finishes the least!

Here's a few tips...

When looking at your pile of projects,  there may be a few that you have already fallen out of love with.  Maybe it is time to frog that project and free up some needles.  Ripping out a project is quite cathartic.  If you are fairly far along in your project but just don’t want to deal with it, maybe there is someone that you can gift it to.  

Next,  go through each project and make notes as to what needs to be done with each one.  Maybe it only needs some finishing work or a bit of ribbing.  Just make a note to help you determine how much time you should allot to that project.

Using the information you wrote for each project, put them in some sort of order. Whether it is a project that has a time deadline or one that would be a simple fix, figure out the order you would like to work on them.

Make a checklist,  spreadsheet or maybe even a list on your phone so that you can literally check boxes or cross off that list as you get through your pile.  

Let’s encourage one another and stay motivated!

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