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Bella Be…

Check out our new specially curated subscription club!  Each month, for the next 6 months (May to October), our club box will focus on an existential theme that is meant to inspire and uplift as well as highlight a different Indie Dyer’s yarn. We are calling this The Bella Be…. Box: (ie: Be Loved, Be Strong, Be Wild or Be Amazing). We want you to have a more personal introduction to each artist so each month there will be a short video interview. Along with their amazing yarn, we will include a suggested pattern, something special like a handmade bag, soap, notion, and/or tea, along with an inspirational positive quote. We will also highlight an outreach opportunity that aligns with that month’s theme.

Orders must be in for the May box by April 3rd, the June box by May 3rd, the July box by June 3rd, the August box by July 3rd, the August box by September 3rd, the September box by October 3rd and the October box by September 3rd.

The monthly price is $65 or order ONCE and be in for ALL 6 months for $350 

Limited quantities available!