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Beads have always intrigued me as a medium. Even as a child, I collected, sorted, played and used them in my simplest art forms. And then there were childhood lessons from elders, grandmothers teaching their granddaughters to crochet and mothers showing daughters how to needlepoint.

For me, individual beads represent points of color that can be assembled to create a form. Like looking through a magnifying glass at newsprint or a lithograph, many points of differing colors take on shape when viewed with the naked eye. As in a Seraut painting, points of color assembled together in what at first may seem almost random, begin to take on shape from afar. But the question was how to accomplish points of color three dimensionally.

Finding a vehicle to use my, ever increasing bead collection was a slow and deliberate process. Years later, I found an article describing how an artist knitted with beads for evening purses. I took my basic crochet skills and began experimenting with beads in a two dimensional form. Over the years, my crocheting has evolved to three-dimensional work. I am able to crowd beads to bring structure to my dimensional forms. The possibilities become endless. And by adding Peyote and Single Needle Right Angle Weave I continue to expand my 3D crochet.

My task as an artist is to continue to learn from the masters, as well as teach those who may show interest in this ancient and yet very modern Art form.





PRATT INSTITUTE-Environmental Design
U OF MN-Split Rock Arts Program
Virginia Blakelocke-Off Loom Beadwork
Virginia Blakelocke-Color Study in Beadwork
David Chatt-New Dimensions in Beadwork
David Chatt- Beadworking-A Master’s Circle
Designer: Designer:Showroom Design-Furniture
-International Contract Furnishings (ICF, Inc.)- 1977-1983
New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Houston
Published: ‘Interior Design Magazine’-May 1978
‘Interiors’-March 1981
-Desience Corporation-New York 1987
-Nova Studio-New York 1995
Published: ‘Interior Design Magazine-January 1996
‘This Old House’ Key West-July 1999
 Exhibits: Exhibits:“The Beaded Object: -Folk Art Center, Asheville, NC 10/96-1/97
-William King Region Arts Center, Abingdon VA 10/97-1/98
-Florida Craftsmen Gallery, St. Petersburg FL 2/97
“Love Reliquaries” -Ambleside Gallery, Richmond, VA 10/97-1/98
“Bead Dreams, Future Visions -Goldstein Gallery, U of MN St. Paul, MN 3/98-6/98
“Beadwork I: Up Close” -Loveland Museum, Loveland CO 11/98
Beadwork Magazine -Textile Arts Centre, Chicago, IL 2/99
-West Valley Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ 5/99
-Contemporary Crafts Museum, Portland OR 7/99
-American Craft Museum, NY 9/99
“Reformations” -Courthouse Gallery of Portsmouth Museums, VA 1/2000-3/2000
-Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, Glen Allen,VA 4/00-6/00
-Appalachian Center for Crafts, Smithville, TN 9/00
-Longwood Center for Visual Arts, Farmville, VA 1/01
‘The Freed Bead’ -Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA 2/02
‘Bead Dreams’ -Bead & Button Magazine, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 5/03
‘Bead Dreams’ -Bead & Button Magazine, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 5/04
‘Bead Dreams’ 2cd Place -Bead & Button Magazine, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 5/05
‘Bead Dreams’ 2cd Place -Bead & Button Magazine, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 5/06