Ann Weaver – Designer Extraordinaire

Ann Weaver Weekend Workshop at Bella Filati
September 15-17, 2017

Ann’s design work reflects her quest for adventure; while retaining a clean, wearable aesthetic, Weaverknits designs experiment with asymmetry, unusual color and yarn combinations, and androgyny.  In the past three years, Ann’s designs have been featured in online and print magazines and books, and are also available as individual patterns. Craft Work Knit is her first self-published collection of patterns, inspired by her family, friends, and the practical garments she wears to work every day. Her books White Wale Vols I & II feature designs inspired by the classic book, Moby Dick.


Friday, September 15

Kick Off! 3 pm-5 pm – Come and chat with Ann!

Saturday, September 16

Morning Session 10 am-1 pm: Color Theory and Log Cabin Knitting: The Albers Cowl

The Albers Cowl is a perfect opportunity to experiment with color by using small amounts of yarn and simple techniques. The goals of this workshop are to expand the knitter’s color vocabulary and confidence in color combination choices and to teach Log Cabin knitting techniques like picking up and knitting stitches.
This workshop will present the basics of color theory, like lightness, hue, and complimentary colors. Each student will receive a color wheel for future use. 
 After a discussion of color theory, the workshop will focus on the Albers Cowl. Knitters will learn how to measure gauge in garter stitch, neatly pick up stitches from both horizontal and vertical edges, and keep it all really square.
If time allows, the workshop will also cover the sewn bind off and mattress stitch (used to join the three squares of the Albers Cowl). Although the only stitch used is the knit stitch, this class is a great chance for knitters to learn and improve finishing techniques while beginning an Albers project.
Skills needed: Casting on and knitting garter stitch; experience knitting with fine (fingering weight) yarn on small needles
Materials needed:
  • Craft Work Knit, or the individual pattern for the Albers Cowl 
  • US  Size 2 straight or circular needles (any length).
  • Fingering weight yarn for the first square (at least two colors)
  • In preparation: Knitters should have the center square of one of the cowl blocks completed.
Homework: Knit the center square of one of the blocks (cast on 30 sts and knit 59 rows, then bind off)

Lunch is available to be purchased for $12. Please let us know ahead of time.

Afternoon Session 2 pm-5 pm: Yipes Stripes: Intermediate Techniques for Striping

In this workshop, participants will learn new techniques for creating stripes by knitting the Yipes Stripes Cowl, designed to teach these techniques!

Skills needed: Knitting, purling, knitting in the round on a circular needle

Techniques covered:

  • Basics of stranded knitting (knitting with two colors per round)
  • Braids
  • Neatly carrying unused colors while striping
  • Two techniques for jogless stripes
  • Turned hems

Materials needed:

  • US Size 6 24-inch circular needle.
  • One stitch marker.
  • Worsted-weight yarn in five colors, approximately 100 yards of each. You can mix and match different worsted-weight yarns if you like!
  • A copy of the pattern Yipes Stripes 

Homework: Begin knitting your cowl! Begin under INSTRUCTIONS, and work to the Turn Hem heading.

Sunday, September 17

Morning Session 10 am – 1 pm: Square and Rectangular Shawls from the Inside Out

In this workshop, knitters will learn different methods for creating square and rectangular shawls in one piece from the center out, using simple stitch patterns and modular techniques. Students will start a square shawl during the workshop, creating customized shapes, textures, and color combinations. Some examples of the type of square shawls students will learn to create in this workshop are Traffic Furniture and Chittagong.

Skills Learned:

  • Picking up stitches along garter stitch and Stockinette stitch edges
  • Working directional increases
  • Creating shawls in a variety of shapes and proportions, working in one piece from the center outward
  • Incorporating simple knit/purl/yarn over patterns into a design
  • Basics of how to incorporate more complex stitch patterns into a design (if students are interested)

Skills needed: Casting on, knitting, purling, and working at least one type of increase

Materials needed:

  • Yarn in at least one color, any weight, at least 200 yards
  • Double-pointed needles, a 16-inch circular needle, and (if you’re a fast knitter or using heavy yarn) a 32-inch circular needle that works with the yarn you’ve chosen (I suggest swatching in garter stitch or Stockinette stitch to make sure you like your result).
  • At least 8 stitch markers
  • A row counter (optional)

In preparation: Students should have completed the center panel for a square or rectangular shawl in garter stitch, Stockinette stitch, or a simple stitch pattern of their choice. Instructions for this will be emailed to students prior to class.

I’ll provide: A booklet of the techniques covered in class, basic patterns for the square and rectangular shawls from the class, and suggestions for customizing your shawls

Lunch is available to be purchased for $12. Please let us know ahead of time.

Afternoon Session 2 pm-5 pm: Fair Isle for All: Learn to Knit Fair Isle or Switch Up Your Fair Isle Technique

New to colorwork? Learn to knit Fair Isle or stranded knitting using two colors per round. Want to learn a new method of knitting Fair Isle? Learn to knit with one color in each hand, two colors in your right hand, or two colors in your left hand. In this workshop, we’ll use the Madison Park hat to practice Fair Isle knitting. This hat uses small, intuitive colorwork patterns that enable you to focus on your technique. There are no long floats, so you won’t need to worry about catching your yarn when working with two colors. By the time you finish the hat, you’ll be comfortable with your chosen method of Fair Isle knitting.


Skills needed: Knitting in the round, basic increases and decreases

Techniques covered: Fair Isle knitting in the round using your preferred method

Materials needed:

  • 16-inch US Size 4 and US Size 5 circular needles
  • Stitch marker
  • Row counter (optional but helpful).
  • DK weight yarn: You’ll need about 215 yards of DK weight yarn total: 125 yards in A, the main color, and 30 yards each in B, C, and D. Alternatively, you can knit the hat using two colors.
  • Madison Park pattern

Homework: Cast on and knit the ribbing of your hat. Work from the beginning of the Instructions in the pattern to the Inc Rnd line. You’ll be ready to start the colorwork portion